Visit us at Chania Yoga Centre and take full advantage of the healing energy of the Cretan summer !

Therapeutic Massage Therapeutic Massage
Indulge yourself while on holidays with the most efficient therapy techniques such as Therapeutic Massage, Massage for Relaxation, Reflexology and Reiki practiced by experienced professionals.

The perfect time to have therapy is when you are on holidays. The body and mind recognize this is your healing time. Yogamorphosis offers therapy through Yoga, healing massage and expression.

Summer holidays are particularly energising. Summer holidays in Chania can be extraordinary if one is prepared to let go.

To play, release, rest, relax, recharge, to breathe.

Chania has very special energy.
The sun and forces of nature here, combine to make healing possible. It’s a place of opposites; challenging and real, light and dark. It will bring to the surface many issues which can be dealt with safely. A traveller who chooses therapy whilst in Chania on holidays will feel the shift necessary to return home transformed.

Yogamorphosis is a concept created by Maria Varelas.
Maria, has had twenty years experience as a yoga teacher and a masseur-healer. In Australia she worked as a secondary school teacher and retired in order to teach Yoga and practice healing through a variety of massage modalities in which she was trained whilst there.

Giorgo, her husband and she, met in Australia where each of them was dealing with issues of identity, and complacency. The search for meaning has been for both of them a primary motivator to life and after the birth of Alexi it became clear to them that they had to return to their place of origin, Greece. Led by instinct, knowledge, courage and love the project developed.

Yogamorphosis was set up in 2002 in Chania.